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We are an all-purpose event planning and consultation network based out of Louisville, Ky.  We provide insight and information to individuals and organizations looking to host an event of any type, shape, or size. We also strive to provide local artists and performers with better platforms to present their art to the general masses.  With over sixteen years of planning and facilitating events including corporate, private, live music, and festivals; we are here to lend our expertise and ensure your event is organized and exactly what you desired.



Event Planning


Event Consultation

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Full-scale event planning at your disposal.  We work with our clients to identify their needs and ensure they fulfilled in every aspect and expectation. No event is too small nor too big.  We specialize in organizing facilities and details such as:

  • Venue

  • Decor

  • Catering

  • Entertainment

From start to finish, we can get you what you need.  Schedule a meeting today!

  • Transportation

  • Invitations

  • Special Guests

  • Equipment

  • Promotional Material

  • Security

  • Box Office

  • And More


A significant amount of our experience falls under live entertainment planning.  We currently work with several large recurring events and small festivals in the Louisville area and are always looking to expand our clientele base.  Have a festival you need some help with?  Maybe an idea you'd like to see happen? Let's see if we can help.




We have in house visual design available.  Invitations, show flyers, posters, light video, and promo bumpers for promotion and marketing. Here is a portfolio of some of the work we have accomplished. 


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