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Additional protest planned for Carroll County following a peaceful demonstration

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Additional protest planned for Carroll County after a successful demonstration against the hire of Myles Cosgrove this past Monday in Carroll County, Kentucky.

Protesters gathered outside the Carroll County Courthouse on Monday April, 24th. They're signs reading phrases like, "No Knock, Killer Kop" and "Carroll County stands with Breonna Taylor." They have gathered here in protest of the Carroll County Sheriff, Ryan Gosser, recently hiring Myles Cosgrove, a tarnished former LMPD officer. Many believe that with his history of excessive force he will be a danger to their small community.

The office of the Mayor of Carrollton, Kentucky has since released a statement to expell any rumors surrounding the hire and protests. It's been reported that the city authorities have received an influx of calls concerning Cosgrove.

The statement explains the decision to hire Cosgrove was unknown to city officials including himself. If further explains that there was a peaceful demonstration on Monday that remained peaceful. Lastly it states ther will be no further comment.

Another rally is planned this Saturday as a follow-up to the peaceful demonstration that took place earlier this week. Further there is a petition that's been organized urging the Carroll County Magistrates to call a "No Confidence" vote against Sheriff Ryan Gosser.


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