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Attorney for the Family of Emmett Till Recieves Death Threat from White Supremacists

In a series of videos released by Malik Zulu Shabazz Esquire, attorney for the family of Emmett Till, claims have been asserted that death threats were received from white supremacist organizations leading up to an organized rally in Bowling Green, KY on December 3rd. This rally was in support for Justice for Till's family 67 years after his death.

Till was obducted, tortured, and lynched in Jim Crow-era Mississippi at just the age of 14 due to false accusations of "whistling" at a white woman. That woman's name is Carolyn Bryant and now living in Bowling Green she has caused quite the controversy.

Despite her story changing several times throughout the years as well as her admitting she fabricated her testimony for court, she and the men who perpetrated the lynching have never been charged for their crimes. Even after an unserved warrant for her arrest from 1955 was discovered earlier this year, a Grand Jury decided not to indict Bryant for her deception and participation in this crime.

Since the discovery of the unserved warrant, new interest has surfaced in activists circles calling for her arrest. Malik Zulu Shabazz has been leading this call to action, even organizing a rally outside her apartment on December 3rd where activists and protesters were met with a SWAT Team and a Private Security Force. Death threats have even been received claiming there would be a mass shooting on the day of the rally and any "anti-white" activists should be weary. These threats went as far as to claim that they would "follow you home" and "kill you."

Thankfully no shooting occured, though these threats did lead up to the cancellation of the Bowling Green annual Christmas Parade and an official statement from local law enforcement.

Shabazz has asserted that plans are in motion to file federally in Mississippi to call for the arrest of Carolyn Bryant and further that he has no fear of repercussions from "The Klan" or any white supremacist organizations.


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