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Black-Led organizations oppose $400 million invest into new jail

A group of nine Black-Led organizations oppose the proposed $400 million for a new Metro Jail.

LOUISVILLE, KY (RIOT) – A group of Black-led organizations will hold a press conference in front of the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage in west Louisville at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, ahead of Mayor’s Night Out, where they will release their statement in response to a proposed $400 million Louisville jail.

This press conference is an opportunity for Black voices to be heard in the conversation about a new jail.

“We believe that a healthier and safer Louisville is possible through accountability, responsibility, and transparency – which were all part of Mayor Craig Greenberg’s tenets when he was campaigning for office,” said Khalilah Collins, Community Empowerment Director at DOVE Delegates. “Mayor Greenberg has said that he wants a ‘new direction’ for Louisville. A new direction means listening to the people who are directly impacted and who are deeply rooted in their communities.”

Organizations that have signed on to the statement include:

We are clear that west Louisville is over policed, that police brutality and violence perpetrated against Black people is real, and that we are committed to working with our community, Louisville Metro Department of Corrections, Louisville Metro Police Department, and public officials to make sure that our city moves in “a new direction” and to build an equitable and safe city for all of us.


Forward Justice Action Network is a 501c4 organization that engages in educational and advocacy activities to promote political and grassroots support for laws and public policies that advance racial, social, and economic justice in the US South.


We will be updating with footage after the press conference.


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