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Call for Support of a Youth in Crisis

For years Grand Masters Khalid and Romeo of the Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy have operated a community driven dojo in the West End of Louisville. They have offered guidance, knowledge, and purposed to countless adolescence all while offering resources and supplies for their surrounding community. Even though they have touched the lives of so many, their struggles are also abundant. For years they have has problems with leaky roofs, no heat, and even at times no electricity. Their most recent obstacle has proven to be the most challenging yet.

Grand Master Romeo lost his wife not to long ago and is himself battling some pretty serious health issues, all the while trying to maintain his parental roles to the best of his limited abilities. He currently has a 12 year old son who has been acting out in some pretty serious fashions, even at times turning to violence. Romeo, stuck between a rock and the hardest of places, gradually exhausting all avenues of support. He has now find himself potentially facing criminal charges of neglect and has asked for help.

Hear his story here...

Many parents struggle with maintaining their daily life obligations and maintaining their parental duties. Resources and outlets are the request being made by this parent in particular. "Open all the community centers again." With a lack of safe spaces and productive outlets, they fear that gangs may be offering these children a "sense of purpose" that they may be lacking elsewhere. Unfortunately, Grand Master Romeo isn't alone in his parental struggles.


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