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Department of Justice seeking community input on LMPD

The Department of Justice has sent a flyer to the #502LIVEstreamerd asking that we all share it to the community for further input on reforms within the Louisville Metro Police department.


  • Public Community Meeting: Wednesday April 13th - 6:00-7:30PM

  • Walk-Ins: April 11th - 11:00-1:30PM

  • Walk-Ins: April 13th - 12:15-1:45PM

  • Additional contact details


Following the release of their findings report on LMPD back on March 8th the Department of Justice has taken many steps to ensure that their suggestions be implemented for reforms. An agreement in principle among other contracts have been signed between the DOJ, Metro, and LMPD to show support in these reforms.

The DOJ has announced they are seeking further recommendations from the community in relation to these reforms. A number of events and options for contacting them are offered via a flyer that was released to the #502LIVEstreamers for distribution.


FOP Negotiations

Aside from further feedback from the community, one of the more crucial parts of these reforms will fall on the FOP contract negations with the Metro Government. Historically these negotiations have been held behind closed doors, shrouded from the community. Some believe that in light of the recent findings by the Department of Justice that these negotiations should now be opened to the public.

The 490 Project is a group of those in favor of public negotiatons and even argue that it should be done so under local law. The below image was released in relation to comments from Mayor Craig Greenberg stating that it would be infringing on labor and/or laws with the following caption.

"Let's get our facts straight. Mayor Greenberg has repeatedly stated that state law prohibits community involvement in negotiations and that doing so would be an unfair labor practice. Both are false. Call/email him and tell his team to #openitup ."

We emailed the mayor's office on the same day this image was released by regret to report we have yet to hear back.


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