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Human Trafficking Advocates Host Convening to Address Prevention, Housing and Racial Equity

Event hosted by Office for Women will focus on implementing recommendations from a Landscape Analysis of Human Trafficking Efforts in Louisville

Stop Human Trafficking - Courtesy FBI Website
Stop Human Trafficking - Courtesy FBI Website

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 11, 2023) – The Metro Office for Women is inviting members of the public to participate in an upcoming Human Trafficking Convening that will take place at the Louisville Central Community Center (1300 W Muhammad Ali Blvd) on Monday 5/15 from 8:30 to 4:00.

The convening is co-hosted by the Bakhita Empowerment Initiative of Catholic Charities of Louisville and is funded through a grant from Metro United Way.

"Metro United Way is committed to being a beacon of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in our community, " said Adria Johnson, President and CEO of Metro United Way. "And we know that any movement without experts cannot accomplish meaningful change so elevating the voices of human trafficking survivor experts and organizations serving them while creating more space for diverse voices will hopefully allow for significant change in our community."

The event builds on recommendations highlighted in a Landscape Analysis of Human Trafficking Efforts in Louisville funded by Metro United Way in 2021. Panel workshops will focus on housing for survivors of trafficking and adopting a racial equity approach in prevention. Panelists include individuals from United Partners for Women, La Casita Center, Gate of Hope, the Center for Health Equity and the Bakhita Empowerment Initiative Advisory Board. Community members, advocates and professionals will also spend time planning for a strategy to improve collaboration, services and prevention and awareness of human trafficking. Participants will also receive a resource guide on human trafficking services compiled by the Office for Women and the Bakhita Empowerment Initiative.

Human trafficking is a growing crime that impacts individuals who are most marginalized in the community, including immigrants, people of color, children in the foster care system, transgender youth, individuals who are homeless and have substance use disorder.

“We must bring all voices to the table to address human trafficking at its root and solve systemic barriers of lack of housing and racial discrimination,” said Gretchen Hunt, Director of the Office for Women. “We are excited about the increased community engagement and commitment that will flow from this convening.”

The event is free and open to the public. Registration is required and can be completed at the following link:



About the Office for Women: The OFW works to raise the status of women through education, advocacy, and legislation. OFW works to ensure that all women have the resources they need to establish self-sufficiency with a focus on seven areas: gender-based violence, human trafficking, social and economic well-being, housing, education, civic engagement, and autonomy. For more information about the Office for Women, visit:


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