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I-64 Eastbound closing for two weeks for repairs

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

A six mile portion I-64 Eastbound closing for repairs starting this evening at 8PM and will remain closed through July 1st.

LOUISVILLE, KY (RIOT)— Traffic delays aren't typically much of an issue for Louisville citizens, but you can expect some more delays on I-64 in the coming weeks. Another stretch of a interstate is closing for two weeks.

I-64 East will close on Friday, June 16 at 8 p.m. through July 1st at 6 a.m.

The closure will start from the I-64/I-71 split in downtown Louisville and continue through to the I-264/Watterson Expressway. Crews will be continuing work to rehabilitate the roadway following the conclusion of similar work on I-64 West which happened to finished days ahead of schedule.

"For the eastbound side coming up, we do have the Beals Branch bridge deck that we are removing and replacing," explained Matt Bullock of the KYTC, "And that is the variability where we need to make sure that we're covered as far as time there so other than the Beals Branch bridge we just have asphalt mainly like we did on the westbound side."

He further attributed the speedy repairs on westbound I-64 to good weather and the contractors sticking to the plan. While they'd love to finish this project just as quickly, he wanted to reiterate that the repairs are expected to take the full two weeks.

Why close the road?

According to the KYTC, the Asphalt Rehab project includes asphalt pavement milling and resurfacing, and replacing guardrails.

Crews will also be replacing the concrete in the Cochran Tunnel with new asphalt. The bridge deck over Beals Branch Road will also be removed and replaced with concrete.

Officials say the project will extend the life of the interstate and "improve driver comfort on the roadway." The last rehabilitation project on I-64 was completed in 2001, KYTC said.

How will traffic be impacted?

KYTC will have signs out to notify drives of the upcoming closure, work, and detours.

The cabinet advised drivers to adjust their travel times and expect delays while traveling through the detour route, which depending on destination, will be I-71 North to I-264 West, then reconnect to I-64 East.

The following ramps will also be closed:

  • Story Avenue

  • Mellwood Avenue

  • Grinstead Avenue

  • Cannons Lane


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