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Mayor Elect Greenberg Announced Senior Leadership Team

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

In a press conference held Tuesday, Mayoral Elect Greenberg of Louisville announced his Senior Leadership Team.

Footage Courtesy of Tara Bassett #502LIVEstreamers

"This diverse group of highly motivated and dedicated individuals will manage much of the day to day operations of Metro government. They all share my sense of urgency, commitment to transparency, and reflect a diversity of age, experience, geography, race, gender, and opinions that will create an incredibly strong team to make our city safer, stronger, and healthier."

This group included a number of currentand former council members and city officials, including the recently announced Interim Police Chief, Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel, who will report directly to Mayor Greenberg once inaugurated.

"They have experience in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. They have a deep working knowledge of our city and city government," Greenberg continued.

Meet The Senior Leadership

Deputy Mayor

Barbara Sexton-Smith

Barbara has had an incredibly successful career in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. She's the former CEO of Funds for the Arts and most recently served as District 4 Metro Councilwoman.

Deputy Mayor of Public Health & Services

Nicole George

Nicole is a life long resident of Louisville's South End and has spent her career working with families to improve child safety and well being. She is also currently Councilwoman representing District 21.

Deputy Mayor of Emergency Services

David James

Life long Louisvillian who has spent the last 12 years on Metro Council and is currently the standing President. He has an extensive background in law enforcement; including LMPD, UofL PD, Commissioner of the KY Bureau of Investigation, and River City FOP President.

Deputy Mayor of Operations & Budget

Dana Mayton

Dana has more than 30 years experience as an attorney, public servant, and public policy professional. Served as Deputy Attorney General for Kentucky, General Council for UofL, and is currently serving as the District Director for Representative John Yarmouth.

Chief of Staff

David Kaplan

David has been practicing as an attorney for over 25 years in the private sector and in the public sector. He served as Assistant Attorney General for Kentucky, served as Chief of Staff for Speaker of the House Jody Richards, and Chair of the Board for the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence.

Deputy Chief of Staff

Keisha Dorsey

Councilwoman Dorsey has represented District 3 on the Louisville Metro Council since 2018.

Interim Police Chief

Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel

"We are so fortunate that you are willing to not only be interim Police Chief but also work with all of us on our Senior Leadership Team to move Louisville in a new direction."

"As our Transition Team continues it's work we are considering other options to organize our cities approach to economic development. Creating good paying, career path jobs is a key priority of all of ours. Making Louisville an attractive city in which to invest in a focus. Our Transition Team will continue it's work and following my inauguration we will have an announcement about how this work will be enhanced."

Metro Council

George, James, and Dorsey have caused some concern of the future of Metro Council, all being current members. Greenberg stated that James and Dorsey will resign on January 4 and begin working in his administration along with Gorege on January 5th. The rest will take their positions on January 2nd after inaugurtion. Under state law, Metro Council must hold a vote within 30 days to appoint replacement members from the council districts when an elected representative leaves office for any reason. The mayor holds the right to fill these seats after 30 days; foregoing any type of special election.

West End Opportunity Partnership

James and Kaplan also sit on the board for the West End Opportunity Partnership, James currently being interim chair. This is an organization designed to establish "Tax Increment Financing" district in 9 neighborhoods of the West End in an attempt to reinvest tax dollars into the community. The group has received a lot of scrutiny from local housing advocates for being a Trojan horse of sorts for gentrification. A spokesperson from the mayor's office informed WDRB that both James and Kaplan plan to step down from their positions.


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