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Slava Ukraini: From Louisville to Ukraine

Local activist Olga Savina was originally and spent much of her adolescent life in Ukraine. It wasn't until she was nine years old that she found herself in the United States and she now asks for our support in raising funds that can be sent directly to Ukrainian families.

Riotheart has been following Olga's most recent journey as she and a small handful of others have been keeping in communication with those stuck in a warzone. Escape attempts have been fruitless, leaving them stuck in bunkers most of the day.

“My great aunt and uncle don’t want to leave. This is their home. This is their apartment. Where are they going to go? To a different country? They had burial plots set up, and now they don’t know where they’re going to be buried when they leave. There’s been a lot of tears. My mom has always been very strict and strong, but throughout these last two weeks I’ve seen her break down more than I’ve ever seen.”

Excerpt from WNKY Special

A small number of funds have already been able to be sent, but the group hopes to raise upwards of $5000. Stickers, Shirts, and more are available on the official website below as well as the day of the event. Kids games, public speakers, and a march are planned as well.


Event Page:


Venmo: Slava-Ukraini-International

CashApp: $SlavaUkrainiInt


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