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Stop SB170 - Save Kentucky Hemp

A Kentucky State Senate vote likely slated for tomorrow (3/8/22) will determine the next steps for SB170.

The bill targets hemp derived cannabinoids which were made legal by the 2018 Farm Bill. If this bill passes, which seems likely, it will go on to a House Committee for discussion and an eventual vote at a later date. Seeing as this bill was only introduced February 14th, 2022 and has already made it to the Senate Floor, some might assume the House Floor isn't too far away. Sources have reported that while Senator Paul Hornback (KY-R) is the sole sponsor, the acceleration of the bill is in part due to the efforts of Senator Robin L. Webb (KY-D) and others.

It's been reported that between hemp production, processing, and retail, roughly; 5000 Kentuckian's jobs would be immediately impacted if this bill becomes law. Further it would deny a large number of people holistic alternatives to traditional medications, many with of which are highly addictive and deadly.

The Kentucky Hemp Association plans to meet in Frankfort on Wednesday at 11:30am with the intention of educating local politicians about the medicinal value and completely natural process in which these cannabinoids are derived.

Aside from the call to action Wednesday, 502 Hemp Wellness Center has an ongoing petition and recommends you contact your Senator by doing the following.


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