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Two Years After LMPD Shot and Killed Breonna Taylor

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Yesterday on the two-year anniversary of the shooting death of Breonna Taylor at the hands of LMPD; family, friends, and activists gather at Injustice Square to ask... Where is justice?

Video available on Facebook

A number of individuals had a chance to speak on this day including the politicians, activists, pastors, Black Panthers, and family members of Breonna Taylor. Riotheart wasn't able to attend the full list of events, but if you are interested in more from the day, check out this LIVE footage from Tara Bassett.

Today, following that anniversary, Attorney Ben Crump hosted a press conference where he was joined by Tamika Palmer (mother of Breonna Taylor), Attorney Lonita Baker, members of Until Freedom, and more. Their plea was that the Department of Justice steps in to investigate Breonna's case.

Video courtesy of WLKY, see full Presser here

In 2020, LMPD botched a "No Knock Warrant," which lead to the death of Breonna Taylor. It wasn't until after George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis Police that people began to question Breonna's case. These questions spurred international protests in the summer of 2020. Despite the outcry of civil rights activists, all officer-involved were either not charged or found not guilty on all charges.


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