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Councilman Jecorey Arthur (D4) Announces Neighborhood Advisory Board

Louisville Metro Councilman Jecorey Arthur of District 4 announced today with the #502LIVEstreamers the creation of a Neighborhood Advisory Board that will aid in his decision making for the 10 neighborhoods housed within his district.


"Power to the People over the People in Power." - Jecorey Arthur

To his knowledge, once Councilman Coen is the only representative to try a similar committee, but Jecorey is unaware of the turnout. This is something we will gladly look into for a future article.

The Ten Neighborhoods

  • Butchertown

  • California

  • Clifton Heights

  • Downtown

  • Old Louisville

  • Parkland

  • Phoenix Hill

  • Portland

  • Russell

  • Smoketown

"The District 4 Neighborhood Advisory Board brings all ten residential neighborhoods of the district together to give Councilman Jecorey Arthur advice about policy. District 4 has diverse interests as it spans west to 32nd St, east near Zorn Ave, south to W Oak St, and north to the Ohio River. The board will collaborate across geographical, political, and cultural boundaries to better Louisville by advising Councilman Arthur on legislative priorities, the District 4 Neighborhood Development Fund (NDF), the District 4 Capital Infrastructure Fund (CIF), and the overall city budget. The board is only advisory." -

You can double-check your district HERE.

You can also verify your neighborhood HERE.

Anyone interested in joining the board can apply online at or by phone at (502)574-1104 any time of the year.

All board members will be selected at random from the list of applicants by the end of December each year. If anyone wants to withdraw their application, they need to email or call (502)574-1104.


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