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Gov. Beshear Once Again Pleads the General Assembly to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

In this week's Team Kentucky Update, Governor Andy Beshear touched on a number of topics Kentuckians are facing. One of those topics was the issue of medical marijuana access.

"Far too many of our people are facing health challenges like chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, severe epilepsy, and other conditions."

"They've been prescribed way too many medications that could cause very serious addiction issues," Beshear continued.

Governor Beshear applied pressure on the Kentucky General Assembly by issuing two executive orders back in November, one increasing access to medical cannabis in the state and another setting common sense regulations on Delta 8 and other hemp derived cannabinoids.

He continues that pressure by reassuring the General Assembly that he has no intentions of rescinding the executive orders until they pass legislation creating actual access to medical marijuana in the state of Kentucky.

"It is my hope that they will come ready this sessions... And we'll introduce a bill and hopefully they will too... To finally legalize Medical cannabis. Nothing would make me happier."


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