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Louisville latest in sightings of KKK propaganda

In recent months flyers displaying KKK propaganda have now been spotted in 5 cities across Kentucky as attempts at recruitment seem to be on the rise.

Flyers distributed in Louisville
Flyers distributed in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (RIOT) - While Kentucky has a rich history involving racism and the Ku Klux Klan, many would believe that the state has rose above the judgement of others based upon their skin, but many would also be wrong. A number of cities across the state have recently seen propaganda flyers distributed by this self proclaimed white supremacist organization.

Starting back in mid-May, images were posted in the All about Shepherdsville group on Facebook. These images depicted not only a recruitment flyer riddled with christian scripture, but also a warning that was dropped on the door step of a black family exclaiming "You have been paid another social visit by the Old Glory Knights of the KK. We have a dark history here and because of you a bright future." It goes to declare some nonsense about "Godless degeneracy" and "race traitors." Comments from the FB Group were mixed but mostly opposed to the white supremacist organization.

Roughly a month goes by without any further details when there were several sightings across additional cities in the state. Lexington, Paris, and Mt. Sterling were all targeted by another chapter of the KKK calling themselves the "Trinity White Knights." Around that same time, two men claiming to be members of the Ku Klux Klan pulled a firearm on Queer Rights activists in Corbin, Kentucky.

A group of anti-fascist internet sleuths tracked down and exposed two men, William Bader and John Glen Garrett, who seem to be responsible for recruitment and distribution of these flyers in at least some locations. While John has been spotted posting a phone number and email, William has also been frequenting a known neo-Nazi forum website attempting to solicit membership to their group.

In 2015 William Bader was even quoted by the New York Times at a KKK rally outside the South Carolina State House.

White Supremacist William Bader
White Supremacist William Bader
"Peace is over with, there is no peace. What do I want to see happen? White revolution is the only solution."

The latest sighting has taken place in Louisville's Cedar Lake neighborhood. In the same fashion as the majority of the other activities, flyers were dropped on the ground near mailboxes along the streets of this subdivision. A local resident can be seen collecting them in a video clip we were able to acquire.

While seeing content from groups like this has become more rare, it is not unheard of for this are. Just last year, we tracked some movements by KKK groups and neo-Nazi's recruiting in Madison, Indiana.

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