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Louisville Metro solicits request for information proposals for A.R.P. Workforce Development funding

Louisville Metro solicits request for information proposals for American Relief Plan Workforce Development funding

LOUISVILLE, KY (October 20, 2021) – Louisville Metro Government’s Accelerator Team today issued a request for information (RFI) proposal for Workforce Development programming, outlined in August as one of the top priorities for American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding. The information gathered from this RFI process will be used to develop a request for applications (RFA) for Workforce Development.

“As the city continues to rebound from the recession faced during the height of the pandemic, it remains critical that funding be repositioned and focused to further invest in our workforce,” said Mayor Fischer. “This includes working diligently to create an economic ecosystem that creates opportunities by partnering with various organizations who manage workforce development programs focused on strengthening our economy and improving the lives of our residents.”

Louisville Metro is seeking proposals from organizations that align with the following outcomes:

  • Reducing unemployment;

  • Developing skills needed for high-growth industries and a 21st century workforce;

  • Growing our workforce to adequately meet the needs of current and future employers;

  • Catching up to and exceeding the growth in technology jobs compared to peer cities;

  • Aligning job skills with projected job growth in Louisville’s key sectors (especially healthcare and technology); and

  • Increasing the median income in Jefferson County and outpacing the national average.

In total, Metro Government has been allocated $388 million in ARP Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, approved by Congress to meet the most urgent needs of communities across the country as they rebuild from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The city’s plan for the remaining $340 million was outlined in August with a focus on four priority areas: Homelessness and Affordable Housing, Workforce, Healthy Louisville/Healthy Neighborhoods and Public Safety.

Those organizations interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to register for Bonfire, a strategic sourcing software that digitizes and streamlines the entire RFI and RFA processes, thus making it more efficient and compliant.

Proposals will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Nov. 3rd, 2021.

Registering for Bonfire will allow access to quickly upload documents and other supplementary information requested by the RFI. This web-based tool will also allow users to get real-time notification of the RFI request and other notifications in the future.

When registering for Bonfire users will need to select the following commodity codes for Workforce Development: 91837, 91849, 96128, 92486, 91838, 92478, 92486.

Vendor registration and Submission:

Creating and Uploading a Submission:

For more information, visit


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