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Protesters Speak with Mayor Greenberg at Inaugural Open House

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Following the inaugural ceremonies, an open house was held today at Louisville's Metro Hall to welcome newly sworn in Mayor Craig Greenberg. Hundreds gathered and waited in line to meet Mayor Greenberg as well as members of his transition team and even family. Free refreshments were offered to those in attendance as well, not to mention free TARC fare citywide for the day as to improve the access and availability to meet the new Mayor.

While most seemed to be here in support on inauguration day, not all were so happy about his swearing in and felt they were even disregarded at the door. Some came to express their concerns with what they see as already apparent inaction by Greenberg and his team. While he at first took a break before speaking with the group who patiently waited in line for their opportunity to meet and greet, but eventually came out with his Press Secretary Kevin Trager to hold a conversation.

One in attendance shared her story that she and three others entered together. Two who were white women, were allowed to pass security completely unopposed, one not even being asked for their ID. Two others, a black female and a black male, were both stopped. One was searched and the other was turned away because he only had a work ID, which was apparently not acceptable.


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