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Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis Hang Display at Kentucky Capitol

Members of the Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis along with Kentucky NORML and members of the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee spent time in Frankfort yesterday to arrange a display in support of the legalization of medical cannabis.

More information on the organizations linked at the bottom.

This display included, "patients, information, and even pill bottles" and is located in the tunnel of the annex building near the cafeteria. It's believed that this is the "first time any type of display of this magnitude has been allowed in the tunnel." Dee Dee Taylor of the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee and an honorary board member of Kentucky Mom's for Medical Cannabis posted a group of photos on Facebook with the caption below and was kind enough to let us share.

"Today was such an incredible and emotional day at Frankfort. I was blessed to be able to help Kentucky Moms For Medical Cannabis and KY Norml set up down in the tunnel of the annex building a wall of patients, information, and even pill bottles. This is the first time any type of display of this magnitude has been allowed in the tunnel. Governor Andy Beshear came down to meet with us and was the first to sign the banner. I teared up showing him my KY family and why I’m here. I teared up hearing Kristin N. Wilcox’s and Julie Demeter Cantwell story as to why they are there as well. Lauren Morgan Bratcher and Matthew Bratcher were there as well providing information with hard facts on the posters they supplied outlining all the positives. Plus Beth Pinotti and Tim Cantwell were huge helpers as well. This was an amazing team effort and I am so proud that we can all work together for the greater good to get medical passed here in KY. I hope these photos are moving for the senators that keep stalling and I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2023 is the year. No one should be in jail for a plant. No one should be denied using a plant as their choice of healthcare. If you want to get involved, reach out to Julie and Kristen. They will gladly show you the ropes. 💚💚"

Members of these organizations were given an opportunity to discuss their stories and advocate for cannabis with Gov. Andy Beshear who himself signed the poster in support of medical cannabis in Kentucky.

Many of the people depicted in these photos utilize cannabis as daily medicine for a number of medical problems including seizures, PTSD, chronic pain, and more. Others on display have had their lives directly affected by legal narcotic addiction in some capacity. This display is meant to highlight the widespread addiction rates in Kentucky as well as the potential benefits of legalizing medical cannabis.

It's been told to us that permission was sought to establish this display at the Kentucky Capitol. The pictures and information posters will remain up for a time along with the sheet allowing people to sign in support of legalizing medical cannabis. It's believed however that the pill bottles will likely be taken down.

Members and Organizations Involved

Kristen Wilcox

Julie Cantwell & Tim Cantwell

Dee Dee Taylor

Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee Member and Honorary KY Moms for Medical Cannabis Board Member

Beth Pinotti

Cannabis Advocate

Lauren and Matthew Bratcher


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