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Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg Inauguration

Craig Greenberg was sworn in this morning as Louisville's 51st Mayor with the local press and a select number of community, city, and state leaders in attendance. A full day of events followed giving the rest of Louisville's citizens a chance to meet Mayor Greenberg, most notable the open house which had hundreds in attendance, including a small group of protestors.

The following footage of the Inaugural Ceremonies was captured by Tara Bassett of the #502LIVEstreamers. Due to the length, we've tried to break down the itinerary with timestamps below.

(15:30) Steve Wilson, Inaugural Events Chair and long time friend/business partner of Greenberg, welcomes the new Mayor and his Family to the Open House. He follows with opening remarks and honorifics, thanking everyone in attendance today.

(20:50) Rabbi Robert Slosberg offered a multi-denominational meditation asking for wisdom and grace for our newly elected Mayor.

(23:10) Former Councilwoman and newly appointed Chief of Staff Keisha Dorsey sings the National Anthem.

(25:50) The Faith Works Jubilee Singers sing a number of songs.

(32:40) Hazel Miller offers an updated rendition of a song commissioned in the 80s by the city of Louisville for an ad campaign. Hazel is the original voice of this song which is dear to the newly elected Mayor. Rumor has it that this song may be reincorporated into the "New Direction" of Louisville.

(36:15) Steve Wilson tells the story of how he and Mayor Greenberg met. He elaborates on some of the work they accomplished as business partners and how he has such great respect for Craig.

"I've known Craig (Greenberg) for over 22 years. Craig is an outstanding leader, business partner, and collaborator. He is what you might call a bright eyed optimist. He sees things that are, but he also sees potential. The Possibilities other may miss."

(42:00) Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Angela Bisig swears in Mayor Greenberg.

(46:15) Mayor Greenberg gives his inaugural address. Topics include economy, job security, tourism, education, and more.

(1:07:22) Musical tribute by Teddy Abrams, Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra, with special guest Jason Clayborn and The Real Young Prodigys.

(1:17:50) Steve Wilson offers closing remarks and final thank you to everyone who could attend.

As previously mentioned, an open house was held later in the afternoon to offer an opportunity for the citizens to meet the Mayor, his family, and his team. To foster access, Mayor Greenberg arranged for TARC fares to be FREE all day today.


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