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Mayor Elect Greenberg - Open House and Free TARC on January 2nd

Following this past Tuesday's announcement of his senior leadership team, Louisville Mayoral Elect Craig Greenberg announced this morning that his administration will be hosting an official open house on January 2nd, 2023 following his inauguration early that morning.

"The entire community is invited to come meet my family, myself, my administration; and see our beautiful Metro Hall, right behind me."

This year's inauguration will be held indoors due to the cold weather creating some boundaries to access due to limitations on space. This open house is meant to give a wider opportunity for citizens and community members to interact with the newly appointed Mayor and his team following the ceremony. In an effort to further improve this access for the community, arrangements have also been made for TARC to operate "fare free" on January 2nd as well.

"All day on January 2nd, TARC will be fare free. So people can ride TARC to come downtown for the inaugural open house or if you want to go anywhere else in the entire city."

Mayoral Elect Greenberg - Louisville, KY

"I want to give a special thanks to the folks at TARC for making this happen as well as the hard working men and women at the ATU that keep TARC running daily."

"My good friend, Steve Wilson, will chair the open house..." Wilson is the co-founder of 21c Museum & Hotel and was unfortunately unable to appear at today's press conference due to unforeseen circumstances. Greenberg and Wilson have been business partners for a number of years through many projects. Greenberg is the former President and CEO of 21c prior to announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Louisville and was once pivotal in their expansion efforts. He was also part of the original organizing team for the West End Opportunity Partnership among other "revitalization" efforts around Louisville.

Before taking questions, Greenberg closed with remarks emphasizing his willingness to work with the community through assessibility and transparency.

"It's time to get to work and so we will have this open house. To me meeting the public is part of the work as Mayor. It's being assessible, being transparent, getting to know the people and listening to their ideas and concerns throughout the community."

Details: Open House

January 2nd, 2023

1:00PM - 4:00PM


"I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year; and look forward to seeing everyone January 2nd."


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