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Louisville Tenants Union Speaks Out Against Metro Housing

Today members of the Louisville Tenants Union held a press conference to speak out against the practices of the Louisville Metro Housing Authority. Cockroaches, water damage, and mold are just a few of their claims of inhumane living conditions. Even though numerous complaints have been filed, little to no action has been seen.

"We fight for an end to all evictions and for community control of housing through the building of Tenant power." - Shamaeka Shaw of Louisville Tenant Union

"The Louisville Tenants Union launched our first campaign two weeks ago to address mistreatment by LMHA and their property management company CT and Associations. On Tuesday, March 29th the Louisville Tenants Union received an open record request from LMHA regarding tenant complaints against CT&A group and Kathy Strong in specific. According to LMHA records from Jan 2020 to March 2022 there were 85 complaints specifically against CT&A and Kathy Strong. 29 complaints specifically against Kathy Strong's behavior which regards from verbal mistreatment to neglect." - Shamaeka Shaw

The Louisville Tenants Union gave a platform for a number of LMHA residents to share their stories about the atrocious conditions under which they are kept.

"I've had personal problems with Ms. Strong. She basically tole me that she could talk to me any kind of way that she wanted to. During our meeting she started screaming at me. She stopped and started screaming at me again. I had to explain to her, 'I'm not your son and I don't work for you, you don't get to talk to me like that.' Her response was, 'Yes I can.'... It's ridiculous that they build this new place here and it's still ran by the same old tactics of treating people, less than people." - Richard Faulkner

"This lady right here [Kathy Strong pictured] has wronged me. She has wronged my kids. She has had us separated for over a year. We have lived in mold. I have been sick more than once. I am still fighting." - Dominique Parrish

This press conference is just one-day following the Louisville Metro Government ended its "COVID Relief rental assistance programs, including the Court Eviction Diversion Program." Applications completed prior to March 31st, 2022 will still be processed as usual.


Trouble with your landlord? The Louisville Tenants Union has your back! #Tenants4Tenants

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