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Severe Cold - How to Prepare and How to Help

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear released a video via social media about some steps on how to prepare for the severe cold that is expected over the holiday weekend.

Easy Steps

  • Have Emergency Kits at home and in your car

  • Make sure your car has a full tank of gas

  • If you don't have a reliable heating source, consider friends or family who you can stay with over this period

  • Avoid generators, grills, or any other fume/fire hazards in your home

Gov. Beshear further confirmed that his office will be working with counties to establish emergency heating stations for those in need. Also that there will be a press conference tomorrow at 10am with further details.

Help the Houseless

Extreme temperatures of any kind are hazardous to those citizens that are unhoused. There is sum 10,000 houseless in our with only 750 beds available to them on a regular basis. Even with emergency shelters which oftentimes have to operate of churches and parish halls, despite potential legal ramifications, there will be a vast number of people that are unable to properly shelter from this impending weather.

We recommend contacting some of the following organizations who fight houselessness and housing disparages locally on a daily basis. Your help might be able to assist in saving lives this week.

Fern Cre

We will be following up with more information after tomorrow's 10am press conference with Gov. Beshear as to any region funding and assistance opportunities.

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