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Who Will Take the Metro Council Seats?

As of yesterday both Keisha Dorsey (D-3) and David James (D-6) vacated their seats on Metro Council to fullfil their duties in

Mayor Greenberg's Administration.

Current law puts the burden of filling those seats on the other Metro Council Members. They will have 30 days to accept applications, select finalists, and eventually select the new members. If members are not chosen, there will be no special elections, instead Mayor Greenberg will have the opportunity to fill these seats.

Many have expressed concerns related to the process in which these seats will be chosen. The process lacking the option for special election has left citizens wondering, "I live in this district, how do I express my opinion?"

Contact Metro Council

Since the initial responsibility falls on Metro Council to replace the vacating members, this would be the first line of contact to express your opinions and concerns on who the next member shall be. You can find a list of contact information for the members of Metro Council on the Louisville website.

Contact the Mayor

The Mayor would be the second line for deciding who fills these seats on Metro Council. In the event you have reached out to Metro Council members but feel that you could express more, feel free to contact the Mayor's Administration directly. Contact for his Transition Team can be found on their website.


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